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Entrepreneurship Festival Madrid ESCP Europe
VIVA Innovation Academy was invited to attend the first EntrepreneurSHIP Festival put on by ESCP Europe at the Madrid campus.  The festival was organized by a talented group of international students from ESCP’s campuses in Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, and Turin.  Students accounted for 40% of the 407 registered attendees, mainly coming from France, Germany, Italy, and Latin America.  The students created a variety of events to engage the entrepreneurial mindset such as speed networking and a presentation on how to code.  However, the most unique and interesting event was called ‘El Bautismo’ and it allowed attendees to propose a business idea in five easy steps.
Startup Pitch Madrid

ESCP Europe EntrepreneurSHIP Festival Madrid

A number of ESCP professors and local business leaders took roles as coaches, investors, and jury members.  They offered feedback to anyone that wanted to get their business idea tested or, in their words, ‘bautizado‘.

Intern Gone Global

As an American expat and intern working at a local Spanish start-up, it was a very interesting experience for me to network in such a diverse environment.  I had the opportunity to meet students and entrepreneurs from France, the United Kingdom, Colombia, and a number of other countries.  It was inspiring to hear new ideas and different points of view from people that are either currently working in a startup or are in the process of creating one.  It was clear that at the event, being globally competent and having the ability to interact with people of different cultures are important qualities to have in the business world–especially nowadays.
Study Abroad Madrid

Never a dull moment interning abroad in Madrid!

For me, having studied abroad in Barcelona for a semester and now living in Madrid have both been rewarding experiences but it has been my internship that has given me that ‘hands-on’ experience and allowed me to gain new skills through experiential learning that will help me in my future career.  As an international education professional, Carly Mattefs, Co-Founder and Director of Communications at VIVA Innovation Academy, can attest to this.  “These days, having international experience on your resume isn’t enough to impress a future employer. An internship abroad gives students the chance to learn practical skills while working in an international company, something that is very unique from the traditional classroom setting. Employers want to hear about the specific skills and competencies they have obtained while abroad, because it can translate to success in today’s global workplace,” says Mattefs.

The Important Role of an Intern in a Startup

Experiential learning abroad programs like VIVA Innovation Academy, along with events such as the EntrepreneurSHIP Festival, are helping to build a bridge between students and the startup community in Madrid.  Education as we know it is being redefined and the concept of learning just by the book is no longer relevant.
“Students don’t want to learn the past. They want to create the present and shape the future. Therefore, the purpose is to make them learn by doing. By contributing to shape the future and make the world a more social, collaborative and inclusive place. Companies shouldn’t look at them so much as students but as young entrepreneurs, that need coaches and mentors to accompany them in their ‘learning by doing’ process”, says Caroline Ladousse, project manager of the EntrepreneurSHIP Festival and Executive Director of the Chair of Entrepreneurship ESCP Europe in Madrid.
Startup Scene Madrid Networking

Speed Networking in the lively startup scene in Madrid.

Madrid’s Promising, Bright Future

Students must be strategic in deciding where to go abroad.  Some of the ESCP students choose to study in Madrid because of its lively startup community.  This was one aspect of the city that Google considered when they decided to open an entrepreneur campus in Madrid in 2015. “We have seen the booming entrepreneurial community in Spain and are excited to join the local community in making it even stronger”, says Mary Grove, Director of Google for Entrepreneurs.  Grove also mentioned “the density of the existing startup community and talent pool” and “the opportunity for startups from these cities to go global and serve a global market” as two other reasons for placing the campus in Madrid.
The existence of this lively startup community in Madrid is what allowed for such collaboration between students and companies at the very unique and interactive EntrepreneurSHIP Festival.  It’s evident that Madrid’s future is very promising for interns and new professionals entering the business world.  Key players in the global startup ecosystem, like Google for Entrepreneurs couldn’t agree more. “Our hope is that Campus Madrid will supercharge tech entrepreneurs, strengthen the startup ecosystem and encourage even more innovation in Spain, Europe, and beyond”, stated Grove.
The EntrepreneurSHIP Festival was just one of the many events that has taken place in Madrid to engage the entrepreneurial mindset and create an attractive environment for a startup community.  Check out VIVA Innovation Academy to see how you can learn by doing in the innovative, startup culture in Madrid.

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