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VIVA Innovation Academy is a one-of-a-kind experiential learning abroad program for university students who are looking to gain entrepreneurial experience and develop their innovative and creative spirit in the dynamic startup ecosystem and cultural hub of Madrid, Spain.

The Three Pillars

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected

— William Plomer —

Program Details

VIVA Innovation Academy is a full-service internship abroad program that handles all logistics and planning for each university's needs. At VIVA, we strive to not only provide the most innovative program for our participants, but we work hard to ensure that every last program detail is meticulously planned so that they have the best experience possible in Madrid— from the moment they arrive until we say goodbye.

Take a look at the program details that we offer to our participants!


VIVA housing has been carefully selected to ensure students have the utmost comfortable living space, which includes full amenities and is located in Madrid city center.


Our safety protocols go above and beyond, including contingency measures and providing 24-7 support. Ensuring our participants are safe in Madrid is #1 priority for us.

Cultural Activities

Our exciting cultural activities allow students to explore Spanish culture through entertainment, gastronomy, art and history, including day trips to nearby cities.


Our 2-day extensive orientation will help students adjust to their new life in Madrid, so that they can integrate well into the culture and feel as if they are at home.

Weekend Trips

Our fun, organized weekend trips to other cities in Spain allow students to bond with others in their program, while soaking up the Spanish culture in other regions.


Our carefully selected student insurance plan offers comprehensive services and top-quality medical facilities from everyday doctor visits to emergency situations if they should occur.

Welcome Pack

The VIVA Welcome Pack prepares students to transition smoothly to their stay abroad (includes Madrid guide & maps, local bank account, pre-paid SIM card and transport pass).

Visa Assistance

VIVA’s legal support team provides up-to-date visa requirements, and handles documentation, expedition and pick up, so that the entire process seems like a breeze!

Spanish Classes

At VIVA we recognize that each student learns differently. That is why we offer choices when it comes to learning Spanish. We offer private tutors, as well as group classes for all levels.

Airport Transport

Our safe and reliable transport service makes arriving to Madrid a smooth and seamless process. From the airport, directly to their housing, students can settle in with less stress.

24/7 Support

Our program prioritizes always being available for our students. We want our students to always have somebody to turn to in the event of a disaster, whether big or small.

Legal Support

At VIVA we understand that situations can occur when abroad. Our legal support team, with over 20 years of experience, is on-call 24/7 to resolve legal matters if and when they do occur.

Internship Spotlight

More than just a placement service, VIVA’s Internship Consultant Team MATCHES both interns and companies to ensure just the perfect fit. Our matching service conducts a Best Match Analysis based on findings from Questionnaires, Interviews and Profile Assessments completed by both the intern and the intern mentor.

Check out what some of our VIVA Interns are doing!


Project & Content Manager

Brigid is a Project & Content Manager Intern at Wanderant. Wanderant, a New York based startup with branches in Sofia and Madrid, is a website and mobile app that organizes the best travel tools for inspiration, research, and booking into a single planning workflow. Brigid has developed and implemented metrics and tracking to support Wanderant’s strategy, designed and executed specific marketing campaigns and creates content for social media accounts and blog posts.


Business Development

Spencer is a Business Development Intern at Smoobility. Smoobility is a cloud computing solution to help multi-device owners increase their productivity and efficiency by allowing for seamless movement between devices. Spencer has performed a market study of cloud solution providers, defined the company’s position in the market, and is working to develop the company’s client portfolio via innovative sales channels. 


Marketing Strategist

Marcus is a Marketing Strategist Intern at Prior. Prior is a mobile app startup that allows customers to order and pay on-the-go, helping restaurants and their customers avoid long lines. The app introduces a variety of innovative technologies in order to provide a unique ordering experience. Marcus has developed and executed strategies for acquiring new business, analyzed and summarized quantitative data and manages social media content and strategy.

Discover Madrid

Madrid is an open-minded and innovative city where culture, entertainment and a lively startup scene come together to offer students a truly dynamic experience. The European city that never sleeps is cosmopolitan and modern, yet the friendly character of the Madrileños makes anyone feel at home!

 Come explore Madrid with us!

Click on each picture for more details about what Madrid has to offer!


158 million euros were raised by Spanish startups in the third quarter of 2014

Over 300 thousand people in Spain are working in the most technologically intensive sectors

55 million euros were invested in Spanish firms by international VC institutions in 2013


  • VIVA  is a dedicated and hard working company that is great at what they do. I contacted VIVA for an internship because I wanted to gain practical experience in my field. The matching process was simple, fast and thorough. I was quickly matched and within the first week of my placement I knew that they had found me a perfect placement. The internship played on my interests, I was  learning lots and my mentor was exactly what I was looking for. ‎They were always friendly and professional and paid close attention to even the smallest details. Whenever we met they always had snacks and whatever we needed to make us feel at home, which was also a plus. I would strongly recommend becoming an intern with VIVA.  It made my time in Madrid more worthwhile and has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to develop skills which will be helpful in both future personal and professional endeavors. ‎

    — Brigid Prouse, Project & Content Manager Intern, Wanderant —
  • I couldn’t be happier with VIVA’s internship matching service. I have always been looking for an internship abroad applicable to my future career aspirations, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  VIVA helped bridge that gap by not only finding me an internship that matched my goals and past experience, but also coordinating and preparing me for the host company interview.  Within 2 days of my host company interview I secured an internship at a Google sponsored startup in Madrid.

    — Meghan Noth, Marketing & Communications Intern, Startups Made in Spain —
  • Finding and recruiting talent is a hard problem to solve as a startup and VIVA helped us do just that with minimum hassle. Their service makes for a great solution to finding and hiring talented profiles that match your company’s needs. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to hire great talent.

    — Bernardo Reynolds, Founder, Prior —
  • Opening more doors is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about VIVA. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the team behind VIVA for one month, during which I have been placed in my current internship. Above all, I was impressed with the team’s ability to listen to my wants and desires when it came to placement within a company. And of course, they’re incredibly amiable. VIVA would be a true asset for anyone requiring further development in a field they are curious about, or anyone who would like to further their skills in a certain career they’ve already started exploring. With all of that said, I would highly recommend VIVA to anyone wanting something more out of their time abroad.

    — Spencer Boyd, Business Development Intern, Smoobility —
  • We are really happy with the aspirational young professionals that they’ve provided us with who are of excellent standard, and motivated to use their initiative and contribute appropriately to our endeavours here. We are happy to recommend this service to anyone!

    — Tom Evans, Co-Founder, Startups Made in Spain —
  • Working with VIVA has been a great experience for me! From the beginning they have been very clear and professional with their goals and expectations. They dedicated themselves to getting to know me, my needs and my objectives through a complete process, ensuring that I would get the most out of my internship match. I am very pleased with my match!  I am already learning many skills and realizing the importance of being introduced to a new field by VIVA. Their encouragement every step of the way is a great motivation! I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone hoping to gain valuable experience in an international setting.

    — Abigail Myers, Content & Community Manager Intern, Wittpic —
  • Before working with VIVA I had  been wanting to expose myself to new professional environments by gaining an internship. VIVA appeared at the right time and place and they were undoubtedly a part of the solution to accomplishing this goal. I found VIVA to be very helpful in putting things into perspective. After talking to them, I saw that having skills in social media and/or some kind of technical field would be useful in the future. VIVA also showed me the value in working with startup companies. While at first a bit hesitant, it is now clear to me how many benefits there are to interning at a startup! This experience has allowed me to “get my feet wet”, so to speak, because I am taking on multiple roles and learning about what I excel at most, while working along side the company founder. What impressed me the most about VIVA was their sincere interest in me as an intern. I really appreciated how much importance they put on the relationship between the mentor and mentee in the internships. They truly want their interns to grow and learn.

    — Marcus Hall, Marketing Strategist Intern, Prior —


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